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      Quilt Show at Skillet Festival
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      Georgia's Camellia City
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      Skillet Festival Demo
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      Skillet Toss
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      Hot Summer Nights Auction
  • Brooks County is not just where we're from, it's who we are.

    The Quitman-Brooks County Chamber of Commerce is located in beautiful Quitman, Georgia. We are proud of our small town, downhome heritage and have a rich agricultural community. Brooks County is home to widely known festivals such as the Brooks County Skillet Festival, Morven Peach Festival, and Pavo Peacock Day as well as an active business community featuring great shopping and restaurants for every taste. We would love to tell you more about our home, contact the Chamber Office at 229.263.4841

  • Brooks County Skillet Festival

    Brooks County's Premier Event, the Skillet Festival, is held the 3rd Saturday of each October. The Skillet Festival is a unique festival showcasing artisan vendors of all kinds. Our focus is on handmade goods, local fare, and the best Georgia has to offer all around. Please visit our Skillet Fest website for more information.

  • https://www.facebook.com/events/1663307747304449/
  • 2017 Upcoming Chamber Events

    April 26: Working Women's Luncheon

    May 13: Four Season 4 Miler Spring Race

    June-August: Summer Slim Down Challenge

    August 5: Four Season 4 Miler Summer Race

    August 19: Hot Summer Nights Live and Silent Auction

    October 21: Skillet Festival

    November 18: Four Season 4 Miler Fall Race

    December 16: Home for the Holidays, A Camellia City Christmas

    December 31: New Years Eve Bash


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      Annual Awards Banquet February 16, 2017
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      Annual Awards Banquet February 16, 2017
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      Annual Awards Banquet February 16, 2017
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      Annual Awards Banquet February 16, 2017
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      Annual Awards Banquet February 16, 2017